YEAR0001 test press bundle.

För att kunna se slutpriser måste du vara medlem.

fre 16 dec. 2022
Säljarens beskrivning
To benefit Musikhjälpen, YEAR0001 will be putting a bundle of test pressings up for auction.

Musikhjälpen is an annual event that raises money for charitable organizations via auctions and donation drives. In 2022, the donations and money raised from the auctions will go to organizations that support children who are fleeing war.

The YEAR0001 test press bundle contains;

YR0002 Yung Lean - "Unknown Death" (Orm Olycka Edition) (1st press, 2018, Czech Republic)
YR0005 Bladee - "Gluee" (1st press, 2020, Sweden)
YR0006 Yung Lean - "Unknown Memory" (2nd press, 2018, EU)
YR0008 Thaiboy Digital - "Tiger" (1st press, 2021, Sweden)
YR0012 Yung Lean - "Warlord Deluxe" (1st press, 2021, Sweden)
YR0012 Yung Lean - "Warlord" (1st press, 2018, EU)
YR0014 Bladee - "Eversince" (1st press, 2021, Sweden)
YR0018 Död Mark - "Drabbad Av Sjukdom" (1st press, 2018, Sweden)
YR0022 Yung Lean - "Frost God" (1st press, 2020, Czech Republic)
YR0048 Bladee - "Red Light" (1st press, 2020, Sweden)
YR0059 Merely - "Hatching The Egg" (1st press, 2018, Sweden)
YR0065 Yung Lean - "Poison Ivy" (1st press, 2020, Czech Republic)
YR0066 Quiltland - "Polarity" (1st press, 2019, Sweden)
YR0067 Jonatan Leandoer96 - "Nectar" (1st press, 2018, Sweden)
YR0091 Thaiboy Digital - "Legendary Member" (1st press, 2019, Czech Republic)
YR0093 Död Mark - "Live In Stockholm" (1st press, 2019, Czech Republic)
YR0096 Ecco2k - "E" (1st press, 2020, Czech Republic)
YR0103 Yung Lean - "Starz" (1st press, 2020, Czech Republic)
YR0119 Bladee & Mechatok - "Good Luck" (1st press, 2020, UK)
YR0128 Död Mark - "Demos" (1st press, 2021, Czech Republic)
YR0146 Viagra Boys - "Shrimp Sessions 2" (1st press, 2021, Sweden)
YR0164 Viagra Boys - "Cave World" (1st press, 2022, Sweden)

The winner will be contacted via email to make shipping arrangements.

Note that we welcome international bidders and will provide international shipping free of charge.